TeamCOPC is a group of physicians, employees and friends of Central Ohio Primary Care dedicated to fighting cancer by volunteering or riding in Pelotonia. In our first eight years, teamCOPC has raised over $1,065,000 for cancer research!


From our beginner educational sessions to our fundraising events to our weekly group training rides, teamCOPC is a team first, and nobody is alone on this team!

Better than we could alone...

The true core tenet of the Pelotonia community. Like birds flying through the air or bikes in formation on the road, we will always accomplish more as a group than we could individually.


The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, with support from Pelotonia, has already made many advances in prevention, early detection and cures. Pelotonia is successfully changing and saving lives!

Pelotonia is a grass-roots bike tour with ONE GOAL : END CANCER. 100 % of donations go to fund life-saving research at the Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Since 2009, Pelotonia has raised over $156 million.

Who can join teamCOPC? ... Anyone!

teamCOPC News

TeamCOPC is not just for doctors and staff of COPC. We are happy to welcome anyone who shares our passion to fight cancer through Pelotonia. We are growing all the time, and we welcome new volunteers and riders.

If you are riding or volunteering in Pelotonia and don’t have a peloton to join, we are happy to have you join teamCOPC. Just contact us in the box below. 

Contact teamCOPC

To contact us for any reason, please complete this form.

Congratulations to all Pelotonia X Participants!

Almost 8500 riders and 3000 volunteers made Pelotonia weekend amazing. Thanks to all who rode, volunteered, donated, cheered or supported our effort in any way. We really are all one big team. #OneGoal

Weekly Rides All Summer

teamCOPC hosts several training rides a week. We are focused on training our riders for Pelotonia, but all are welcome to join

Click Ride Schedules for more details.

teamCOPC Wins Safety Award

teamCOPC has always been a leader in cycling safety, and in 2015, we were awarded the Pelotonia RSI Green Safety Award. The RSI (Ride Safe Initiative) began several years ago, and every teamCOPC rider has passed the course. We take ride safety very seriously and are proud to be recognized for out efforts.  No Harm Being Safe!

teamCOPC Cycling Apparel

We have teamCOPC cycling apparel available, and 20% goes to Pelotonia. Take a look HERE.


Thank you for getting in touch, You should hear from us shortly.