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All proceeds from sales of our Pelotonia swag goes to the rider's fundraising. Online purchasers can indicate the rider they wish to support.


Pelotonia Merchant Arrows

Get businesses to sell these to patrons and hang them up. Collect the money and donate it to your own fundraising. We have thousands of these arrows. Please just ask for them.


Handlebar Tape, Shot Glasses and Doo Rags

Riders have designed and produced these for us to sell. They are available on the Team Store, and buyers can list a rider to support. You can also get some and sell them in person.


teamCOPC Jerseys

Someone likes your old jersey? We still have jerseys from all prior years. Sell them one for $30! You can also buy some for yourself or for gifts, and supplement your own fundraising. Here's the link.


teamCOPC Business Cards

Meet a lot of people? Give them your card! They may donate. They may even join teamCOPC and ride with us! Just ask for some.


Peloton Fund Sharing

While you are working toward your fundraising commitment, teamCOPC is working to raise peloton funds. Upon request, team funds can help those riders who just can’t raise it all themselves, up to 20% of their commitment, and COPC employees get additional support from the Foundation. Very few who try will come up short of their commitment, but for those who do, we can help.

teamCOPC Cycling Apparel

We have teamCOPC cycling apparel available, and 20% goes to your ride. Take a look HERE.

Pelotonia Event Handbook

All Riders and Volunteers should read the entire Pelotonia Event Handbook.

This contains all the details you need for event weekend, including schedules, facilities, locations, parking and more.

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