Volunteer for Pelotonia

Don't want to ride in Pelotonia, but still want to help us end cancer? Volunteer! You don't need to know anything about cycling, and you don't need to fundraise (though you are welcome to). You just need to be willing to give a little time for the cause.


Pelotonia volunteers are needed to photograph, mix Gatorade, make sandwiches, cheer on the riders, and lots of other duties. Go to www.Pelotonia.org for more details.

Once you register for Pelotonia as a volunteer, be sure to let us know so you can be added to teamCOPC.

Volunteer with teamCOPC

teamCOPC hosts many events throughout the year, and we will need a lot of help to make them happen.


Besides Pelotonia, our biggest need for volunteers is for the Velvet Ice Cream Ride on July 14. If you want to volunteer to help teamCOPC with that event or any other, please let us know.