Weekly Rides - mid-April through Pelotonia

teamCOPC hosts training rides from mid-April until Pelotonia. We are focused on training riders for Pelotonia, but all are welcome to join. Please review the ride descriptions to join a ride suited to your abilities and training goals.


Scheduled rides will be listed here weekly, and spontaneous group rides will be posted on our Ride Group Announcements.  In event of concerning weather, safety and common sense should dictate participation. Weather/Cancellation News will be posted at least an hour prior to the start times if indicated. 

Wednesday Learners and Leaders Group

6 pm mid-April thru Pelotonia

Details posted weekly


Through June, these rides begin at Rose Run Park at the Heit Center in New Albany. Beginning in July, the start location varies and we take the learners to more varied terrain. 


Seasoned riders help those new to the road or the group, with lessons on road safety, group riding etiquette and dynamics, pacelines, hill climbing techniques and more. 

Educational Videos

Our beginner Group Ride series is always very popular. With the pandemic in the Spring of 2020, we were unable to lead this group as usual. With that, we created a few videos with the hope that we could still  help riders be safer and more comfortable on the roads. 

Sunday Group Rides

Start times vary with season

mid-April thru Pelotonia and beyond

Details posted weekly


These rides begin at Rose Run Park at the Heit Center in New Albany. New routes posted each week, with distance and terrain challenges increasing later in the summer. We break into groups by anticipated speed to keep riders together throughout the ride. We do not drop riders, and we watch out for each other. Best for riders comfortable with the road and able to average 14 mph or more over distance. 

Rider Expectations

teamCOPC is committed to the safe group riding concept, and will stay together, or form several smaller groups, never dropping any riders.

There will usually be a leader for each ride, but every smaller group may not have one, and it may not be possible to "sweep" the route every week.


Riders should commit to keeping their group together and not dropping riders.

Groups are asked to ride the advertised speed ranges. 

There will possibly not be a rider leader in every group.

We expect all cyclists on our rides to watch out for each other. 

With that, all riders should choose their speed group realistically, to be considerate of those desiring a certain pace.

All participants are asked to please complete THIS WAIVER


Finally, please park cars away from the buildings to be courteous to the Market Square patrons while we ride.

Helmets are always required, and we obey the rules of the road.


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